Summer Sizzle with Lasers

Calling all craft enthusiasts and party animals! Summer's here, hotter than a habanero salsa, and it's time to throw a bash that'll leave your guests speechless. Ditch the tired decorations and flimsy plastic – this year, we're taking things to the laser-cutting level! Get ready to laser-cut your way to an unforgettable summer party. WeCreat has everything you need to make it a smash hit!

Introducing Your Party Playlist Engraver

The Vision 20W is your secret weapon for creating stunning, personalized coasters, adorable flamingo mini-planters, or any other intricate design your heart desires. This 20-watt diode laser cuts through wood, acrylic, and even thin leather with laser-sharp precision. Imagine the "oohs" and "aahs" as your guests take home a one-of-a-kind party favor!

Vision 20W Rotary Pack
The Best Starter Laser Cutter Machine for Home Business.
Backyard Makeover in Minutes

Need a laser that packs a punch? The 40W diode laser is your backyard party maestro. It tackles thicker materials like a champ, allowing you to create eye-catching palm trees, flamingos, or even your very own party logo. The possibilities are as endless as a summer night!

Vision 40W Super Pack
Instant Expertise at Your Fingertips with the 40W Cutting Master.
Don't Forget the Personalized Touches!

The 2W IR laser is the ultimate party favor magician. Add names, dates, or fun messages to your laser-cut creations on metal, glass, and acrylic. It's the perfect touch for unique and personalized party swag. Bonus points for the most creative design!

Vision 20W CleanAir + IR Pack
Transform Delicate Designs into Durable Art on Metal and Plastic.

Join the Craftastic Rebellion (No Lightsaber Training Required)

WeCreat is calling all crafty rebels! Our MakeIt library is brimming with designs that are just waiting for you to put your personal spin on them. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or start an Etsy shop, we’ve got you covered.

Join Our Facebook Group

Got a creative itch? Our Facebook group is the perfect scratch pad. Connect with other crafty souls, share your masterpieces, it’s a place where creativity is king and everyone’s invited to the throne.

Amanda Carman
Love the way these tumblers are turning out!
Rhonda Belair Hogan
Cut this one out today. Love this machine. 3mm basswood. Preset settings.
Andrea M. Sicard
I can’t say enough good things about this machine! I had zero laser experience 2 months ago. This group has been wonderfully supportive and helpful! Many pictures of what I’ve created so far.
Jaypee Genterone
I'm so glad I chose this machine as my very first engraving machine. I have been doing sublimation and wanted to add more options to my small business. Of course there are a lot of learning curves but we will all learn and become more knowledgeable if we keep creating. So far I have been doing cups and having so much fun.
Jeralyn Taylor Goodman
Got to spend about 2 1/2 hours engraving bookmarks, dog bone cut outs and bag tags for a kids craft night at one of the schools my wife works at. The laser was a big hit. The kids and parents all thought it was a pretty fun thing. It's so much easier to transport than my CO2 laser would be.
Jeralyn Taylor Goodman
I am addicted to this machine! I bought some a small roll of scraps or leather scraps for $1.50. Great money maker! I can sell these earring fast for $5.

Let’s Smash this Bash

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