The world could use more creativity.


At WeCreat, our mission is simple: to make creation simpler and easier, for everyone from artists to accountants. Because we believe the only thing better than having a good idea, is to make that idea a reality.

We are WeCreat

WeCreat is a team of like-minded people set out to simplify the complexity of creation.

We believe that creativity is the fuel that drives progress. Every discovery, every invention in our history began with a spark of creativity. And if we could realize our creative ideas through a simpler, easier process, the world would be blessed with even more ingenious inventions, brilliant art pieces, and in general, just more fun and interesting.

Meet the founders

William Tang

Chief Machine Geek,
Founder of WeCreat

"When I first learned about at-home laser cutting and engraving machines, I was impressed by what it can do, but underwhelmed by the lackluster performance, complexity, the high barrier of entry, and all the add-on purchases users have to deal with to really make it work. With over 20 years of expertise in the IoT and home electronics industry, I am confident WeCreat can offer a smart, competitive, all-in-one product that strikes the balance between performance and simplicity."

Bill Sun

Chief Usability Geek,
Co-Founder of WeCreat

WE: WE are all Creators

Many great products in the world were engineered with usability in mind. But in the laser cutting business, most often than not, we see products that are developed by engineers, for use by engineers.
I'm hardly a geek myself, and the last thing I would want is to learn how to tweak and tune something before I can use it. That's why i think WeCreat needs to ensure we can all create with ease and simplicity.

CREAT: Create with Endless Possibilities

I believe that if you have a mind, you already have the ability to create. At WeCreat, our mission is to unleash everyone's creativity, by letting people focus on the idea, and we'll handle the execution. Our wish is that people can really have fun creating, sharing, and getting inspired. Creativity knows no bounds; let's all start creating something beautiful, today.

At WeCreat, our passion is to make creation easier than ever, through innovative technology and a delightful user experience.

About Our Founders

WeCreat was founded by William Tang and Bill Sun.
William is a true engineer with over 20 years of experience in the IoT and home electronics industry, previously working at Philips and Schneider Electronics. He then joined Anker as head of R&D and Quality, and became Anker's first VP.  William was tasked with establishing the smart home appliance division from scratch, eventually reaching over USD 250Million in revenue.
Bill is an e-Commerce veteran with over 10 years of experience in the toys & gifts industry and is an expert in 3D wooden puzzles. He had previously founded an e-Commerce business which reached sales of USD 7Million and was ranked category top 3 on Amazon.

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