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Turn your ideas into a money-making side hustle.

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Transform Your Vision into Profit

Turn your ideas into a money-making side hustle.

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The World's 1st Auto Lifting Laser Machine

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WeCreat features an industry-first auto-lifting enclosure, enabling easy auto-focus for materials of different sizes, and to contain smoke and fumes.

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What We Can Create with WeCreat

WeCreat Vision precision laser expertly cut, engrave, and score a diverse range of materials with remarkable accuracy and power. From crafting leather goods and home decor to personalizing items and crafting custom gifts, it's a versatile tool for creative expression.

Creativity for Every Reason & Occasion


See What Experts Say About WeCreat

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Start creating with ease in just 3 steps

Craft with ease and precision by choosing from a diverse design library or importing your own files effortlessly. Select materials like wood, leather, metal, and even food, and let the laser bring your ideas to life at the push of a button.


Effortlessly pick from a  vast collection of designs, or seamlessly import files from your preferred software through a simple drag-and-drop process.


Select from an array of materials such as wood, leather, metal, stone, and even food to breathe life into your project.


Press the button on the device, and observe as the laser skillfully transforms your ideas into reality, making your creative concepts come to life with ease.

Ever-Expanding Treasure Trove of Designs

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Free 6 months Membership to Our Ever-Expanding Design Library.
MakeIt Library: 1000+ Ready-to-make Projects, valued at $7.99 / M


Why WeCreat?

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Our passion is to make creation easier than ever, through innovative technology and a delightful user experience.

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