A Father's Day He'll Chuckle About

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Happy Father's Day!

Dads, the grill master, the tech whiz, the reigning champion of eye-roll-worthy puns. This Father's Day, ditch the generic and level up with a personalized laser-engraved present or that shows Dad just how much you care (even if his jokes make you groan), or get Dad a WeCreat Vision that'll truly fire up his creative side.

Imagine turning a mug into a laugh-out-loud keepsake or a cutting board into a personalized masterpiece. After all, making memories that last a lifetime is what Father's Day is all about, even if those memories involve some truly groan-worthy dad jokes!

Gifts That Spark Creativity

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He wood love one of those!
The Vision 40W is a powerhouse for the woodworking lovers. It cuts through materials like butter, engraves deep designs in wood, leather and so much more. And with the simplest mount-and-use auto passthrough conveyor in the industry, you can literally make a giant fish-shaped ruler for the fishing fanatic dad to mark his triumph, that'll definitely make him the envy of the pier.
Instant Expertise at Your Fingertips with the 40W Cutting Master.
WeCreat Vision
Vision 40W Rotary Pack
$1,899.99 $2,499.99 Best Seller

WeCreat Vision
Vision 40W CleanAir Pack
$2,299.99 $3,299.99

WeCreat Vision
Vision 40W Super Pack
$3,049.99 $4,599.99

Versatile like Good Dad Joke
Vision 20W offers unparalleled ease of use, perfect for both cutting and engraving. Along with the simplest rotary system in the market, making intricate full wrap designs on tumblers a walk in the park. Imagine Dad creating custom cup with terrible (but hilarious) dad jokes, or perfectly sized wooden toys for the grandkids. You can even tell him, "This laser cutter is so good, it can even etch a sketch!"
The Best Starter Laser Cutter Machine for Home Business.
WeCreat Vision
Vision 20W Rotary Pack
$1,399.99 $1,999.99

WeCreat Vision
Vision 20W CleanAir Pack
$1,799.99 $2,799.99 Best Seller

WeCreat Vision
Vision 20W Super Pack
$2,549.99 $4,099.99

Metal Personalization with Flair!
The 2W IR switchable laser module adds a whole new level of personalization. Etch fine details onto metal or plastic, transforming everyday items into "dad-joke-able" masterpieces. Picture personalized flasks, engraved phone cases, or even a stainless steel dog tag – all with details that won't fade like Dad's memory of your birthday.
Transform Delicate Designs into Durable Art on Metal and Plastic.
WeCreat 2W Infrared Laser Module
Vision 20W Rotary + IR Pack
$1,749.99 $2,599.99 Best Seller

WeCreat 2W Infrared Laser Module
Vision 20W CleanAir + IR Pack
$2,149.99 $3,399.99 Best Seller

WeCreat 2W Infrared Laser Module
Vision 40W CleanAir + IR Pack
$2,649.99 $3,899.99 Best Seller

Join the Craftastic Rebellion

(No Lightsaber Training Required)

WeCreat isn't your average laser cutting rebellion. We're here to help you become a laser Jedi, even if you're a complete newbie. Our MakeIt library is bursting with designs, ready to personalize and unleash your inner Jedi crafter, filled with designs you can personalize and maybe even sell (think Etsy, not Dagobah). Join our creative guild where imagination
meets income.

Join the Craft Coven (or Just Our Facebook Group)

Feeling like your creativity is buried deeper than Dad's love for socks with sandals? WeCreat can help you unearth it! Connect with other creative rebels (or just friendly folks who enjoy making cool stuff) in our Facebook group. Share ideas, swap stories, and maybe even learn a dad joke or two along the way.

Amanda Carman
Love the way these tumblers are turning out!
Rhonda Belair Hogan
Cut this one out today. Love this machine. 3mm basswood. Preset settings.
Andrea M. Sicard
I can’t say enough good things about this machine! I had zero laser experience 2 months ago. This group has been wonderfully supportive and helpful! Many pictures of what I’ve created so far.
Jaypee Genterone
I'm so glad I chose this machine as my very first engraving machine. I have been doing sublimation and wanted to add more options to my small business. Of course there are a lot of learning curves but we will all learn and become more knowledgeable if we keep creating. So far I have been doing cups and having so much fun.
Jeralyn Taylor Goodman
Got to spend about 2 1/2 hours engraving bookmarks, dog bone cut outs and bag tags for a kids craft night at one of the schools my wife works at. The laser was a big hit. The kids and parents all thought it was a pretty fun thing. It's so much easier to transport than my CO2 laser would be.
Jeralyn Taylor Goodman
I am addicted to this machine! I bought some a small roll of scraps or leather scraps for $1.50. Great money maker! I can sell these earring fast for $5.

Let’s embark on this creative journey together.

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